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Fine Foods Quarterly Spring 2019

Fine Foods Quarterly Spring 2019

Snacking Takes On a Whole New Meaning

I can remember when snacking was a naughty word.  My Doctor would always urge me to avoid between meal snacks that would just amount to extra caloric intake during the day.  Now snacks are the meal!  How times have changed, and snacks are looking a whole lot different these days too.  If you haven’t taken notice recently, the options are proliferating.  The new snacks being introduced to market are not just using healthier ingredients; they are also providing authentic and unique flavor profiles.  We can thank Millennials for demanding not just better for you, but a snack that you look forward to eating.  Specialty food suppliers are now going a step further, and providing snack products that are plant-based and still packed with the protein that consumers crave.

Even with the focus on eating well, we will still demand sweets and treats because decadence will never go out of style.  Even sweets are being made a whole lot healthier these days, with labels becoming cleaner and better quality sweeteners being used to satisfy the educated consumer of today.

The Sweets and Snacks expo is coming up later this month in Chicago, and it will be the place to be if you want to see all the trends happening in the category.

The snacking isle is going to begin to look a whole lot different than in years past.  Be aware of the current trends so that you can also have a diverse assortment of snacks to please any diet, preference and taste.

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