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Fine Foods Quarterly March '21

Fine Foods Quarterly March '21

The Health Olympics

Let the games begin! If you thought that the trend toward healthier foods was going to run out of steam just before the finish line….think again.  Specialty food companies are increasing their stride toward even more nutritional foods, cheered on by the younger generations rooting from the sidelines, and buying lots of merchandise to support their favorite brands.  The net result is a food system that would even satisfy Hercules.

As you browse through this issue that features some of the exceptional products coming to market, you will take away the feeling that I have, which is that health is still king. Specialty food producers are taking note of the strong demand for nutritional foods, and raising the bar once again, creating products with exceptional ingredients, free-from a variety of things, and meeting the requirements of a variety of dietary regimens.  All of this health improvement is not coming at a sacrifice for flavor either, companies have continued to improve flavor at the same time that they have boosted the nutritional value, which is quite an accomplishment, and should drive continued growth.

As the market grows for nutritional products, more food companies will have the incentive to re-think and re-formulate existing food offerings, to enhance the quality of the ingredients.  More volume will also create the economies of scale that will allow the retail prices to fall to lower levels, making it possible for consumers of different socio-economic backgrounds to benefit from the healthier formulations.

In order for this positive trend to continue, suppliers need their retail trading partners to give them the shelf space they deserve to feature these healthy foods, so that overall nutritional value of the typical assortment can continue to increase. This partnership will not only benefit the bottom line, it will have a dramatic impact on the health and well being of all Americans.

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